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STUDY modules



  • You will develop prototypes for new products and services, prepare the market launch, work on the organizational structure of the venture, and complete a business plan for your project

  • Project modules will teach you how to systematically evaluate opportunities

  • Push projects forward by taking advantage of the structured business design process



Put theory into practice


Drive your innovation or startup project forward


Get support by your personal project advisor


Prototype in high-tech workshop MakerSpace


Enhance fit-to-market


Reduce cost-to-market


effectively size new business opportunities


identify direction of your future business


  • Ten-day Trip to Berkeley, San Francisco and the Bay Area in August/September

  • Five-day conference at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley will provide you with insights about the Californian characteristics of entrepreneurship and the venture capital industry

  • Two-day company tour invites you to get in contact with leading thinkers and doers of this vibrant entrepreneurial community


Understand the US perspective and process


See the building of successful startups


network with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists


become Feedback from mentors of the Haas School of Business


learn how effectively to community your Business


be in international Environment

create new Contacts


trip to U.S., Berkeley


  • The purpose of the master’s thesis is to support you in summarizing, reflecting on and extending the insights and experiences gained from your innovation and business creation projects

  • Choose a topic related to a specific business challenge of yours

  • Analyze or solve a practical question (problem) by applying academic methods and rigor to the investigation process

  •  60-80 pages in English

  • Supervised by any professor of the TUM School of Management.



  • Our MBA is constructed as a part time program for people, who like to combine work and study

  • You gain 90 ECTS with this program

  • Program starts annually in April/May

  • Classes take Place in 3/4 day blocks, including weekends

  • Program dates EMBA 2017/2018

TUM Professors

Photo Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer
Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer
Chair of Financial Management and Capital Markets
Prof. Dr. Hana Milanov
Academic Director, TUM
Photo Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy
Prof. Dr. Oliver Alexy
Professor of Strategic Entrepreneurship
Photo Prof. Dr. jur. Christoph Ann
Prof. Dr. jur. Christoph Ann
Chair of Corporate and Intellectual Property Law
Photo Prof. Dr. Frank-Martin Belz
Prof. Dr. Frank-Martin Belz
Chair of Corporate Sustainability Brewery and Food Industry
Photo Prof. Dr. Rainer Braun
Prof. Dr. Rainer Braun
Chair of Entrepreneurial Finance
Photo Prof. Dr. Nicola Breugst
Prof. Dr. Nicola Breugst
Professorship of Entrepreneurial Behavior
Photo Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl
Chair of Management Accounting
Photo Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel
Prof. Dr. Joachim Henkel
Dr. Theo Schöller Chair in Technology and Innovation Management
Photo Prof. Dr. Jörg Königstorfer
Prof. Dr. Jörg Königstorfer
Chair of Sport and Health Management
Photo Chair of Technology-based Services and Operations Management
Prof. Dr. Rainer Kolisch
Chair of Technology-based Services and Operations Management
Photo Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar
Chair of Information Systems
Photo Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnen
Prof. Dr. Alwine Mohnen
Chair for Corporate Management
Photo Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt
Prof. Dr. Dr. Holger Patzelt
Professor for Entrepreneurship
Photo Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe, MSc
Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe
Chair for Strategy and Organization
Photo Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus
Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus
Chair of Research and Science Management

VISITING Professors

Photo Jerome S. Engel
Prof. Jerome S. Engel
University of California, Berkeley

Photo Prof. Dr. John Bessant
Prof. Dr. John Bessant
University of Exeter Business School
+44 1392 263233

Photo Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein
Prof. Dr. Kathrin M. Möslein
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
+49 911 5302 284

Photo Prof. Dr. Marc Steffen Rapp
Prof. Dr. Marc Steffen Rapp
Philipps - Universität Marburg
+49 6421 282 3733

Photo Prof. Dr. Bernd Mühlfriedel, CFA
Prof. Dr. Bernd Mühlfriedel
Landshut University of Applied Sciences
+49 871 506 459

Photo Prof. Dr. Jens Brunner
Prof. Dr. Jens Brunner
University of Augsburg
+49 821 598 6440

Photo David Charron
Dr. David Charron
University of California, Berkeley

Photo Rainer Trinczek
Prof. Dr. Rainer Trinczek
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

EXPERTS & Founders

Photo Philipp Belter
Philipp Belter
Röhrborn LLP

Photo Dr. Niko Wäsche
Dr. Niko Wäsche
GMPVC German Media Pool

Photo Simon Fischer
Simon Fischer
CLEVIS Research GmbH

Photo Katharina Willis
Dr. Katharina Willis
Servus UG

Photo Veronika Schweighart
Veronika Schweighart
Nuclino GmbH

Photo Christian Böhme
Christian Böhme
Digital Consultant and Trainer

Photo Dr. Sven Asmus, MBA
Dr. Sven Asmus
Orange Hills
+49 89 452 0545 23

Photo Katja Bossert
Katja Bossert
bossert associates

Photo Jan Philipp Thomsen
Jan Philipp Thomsen

Photo Jens Monsees
Dr. Jens Monsees
BMW Group

Photo Annette Leonhard-MacDonald
Dr. Annette C. Leonhard-MacDonald
Leonhard-MacDonald Ventures GmbH

Photo Tobias Wuttke
Dr. Tobias Wuttke
Meissner Bolte & Partner GbR

Photo Hans-Joachim Gergs
Dr. Hans-Joachim Gergs
Audi AG