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Project Work


In the project modules you will systematically evaluate opportunities and push projects forward by taking advantage of the structured business design process.

You will develop prototypes for new products and services, prepare the market launch, work on the organizational structure of the venture, and complete a business plan for your project.

You will learn how to push your innovation or startup ideas forward and how to effectively seize new business opportunities in highly competitive markets by making use of proven principles of design, lean development, and strategic management.

Thereby, you as well as your products, services, business models, processes, and strategies will improve in ample ways:

  • You will eliminate as many unknowns as possible in the innovation or startup process

  • You will evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities more accurately

  • You will enhance the fit-to-market and reduce the cost-to-market and time-to-market

  • You will gain a common understanding of the directions of your future business


PROJECT Benefits


Put theory into practice, individually and in teams


Drive forward your innovation or startup project


Benefit from support offered by your personal project advisor


Prototype in the 1,500-square-meter high-tech workshop MakerSpace










The team project (phase I) is focused on the learning experience. It leads you through the business design process from ideation to a minimum viable product.


During the individual project (phase II) you will concentrate on business modeling and development. You will be paired with a project advisor from UnternehmerTUM who will be the first point of contact. He/she will support you in driving forward your innovation or startup project.

TEAM project & coaches

Learn about the key concepts that facilitate the early stages of an entrepreneurial process and apply them in teams. You will be challenged to identify an entrepreneurial opportunity, build a prototype, gather customer feedback, design a viable business model, define hypotheses, and test them through structured experiments.


Key Topics:

    • Opportunity Discovery and Evaluation
    • Customer Discovery and Feedback
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Business Model Development
    Photo Dr. Sven Asmus, MBA
    Dr. Sven Asmus
    Orange Hills
    Photo Katharina Willis
    Dr. Katharina Willis
    Servus UG
    Photo Oliver Bücken
    Oliver Bücken
    Head of Entrepreneurship & Tech Education

    INDIVIDUAL Project & Advisors

    Bring your own innovation or entrepreneurial project to life. Design all aspects of your business model and identify areas with potential to disrupt existing solutions. Secure support from stakeholders and implementation strategies. Reflect on the process with your project advisor.


    Key Topics:

    • Business Models
    • Business Plan
    • Venture Financing
    • Investor Pitching
    Photo Manuel Götzendörfer
    Dr. Manuel Götzendörfer
    Manager New Venture Creation
    Photo Markus Struppe
    Markus Struppe
    Partner New Venture Creation
    Photo Thorsten Weber
    Thorsten Weber
    Partner New Venture Creation
    Photo Andreas Liebl
    Andreas Liebl
    Partner New Venture Creation
    Photo Sigrid Ebbinghaus
    Sigrid Ebbinghaus
    Consultant New Venture Creation

    ALUMNI Perspective

    Photo Jan Philipps