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Experts & Founders


During the course days you will regularly meet entrepreneurs, startup teams, managers and Executive MBA alumni who will join the classes to talk about the practical aspects of entrepreneurial activity with you. Thereby, you can learn and benefit from their experiences in developing and establishing their own businesses.

Based on examples from real life, you receive insights on how to successfully put the theoretical input from your learning modules into practice. A great opportunity for you to learn and network at the same time.

UNTERNEHMERTUM Speakers & Advisors

Photo Oliver Bücken
Oliver Bücken
Head of Entrepreneurship & Tech Education
Photo Dr. Aylin Koca Güleşir
Dr. Aylin Koca Güleşir
Manager Lectures & Seminars
Photo Maximilian Jagsch
Maximilian Jagsch
Project Leader Pre-Seed Capital Program
Photo Manuel Götzendörfer
Dr. Manuel Götzendörfer
Manager New Venture Creation
Photo Markus Struppe
Markus Struppe
Partner New Venture Creation
Photo Thorsten Weber
Thorsten Weber
Partner New Venture Creation
Photo Andreas Liebl
Andreas Liebl
Partner New Venture Creation
Photo Sigrid Ebbinghaus
Sigrid Ebbinghaus
Consultant New Venture Creation

EXPERTS & Founders

Photo Philipp Belter
Philipp Belter
Röhrborn LLP
Catharina van Delden Photo
Catharina van Delden
Photo Dr. Niko Wäsche
Dr. Niko Wäsche
GMPVC German Media Pool
Photo Simon Fischer
Simon Fischer
CLEVIS Research GmbH
Photo Christian Böhme
Christian Böhme
UDG United Digital Group
Photo Dr. Sven Asmus, MBA
Dr. Sven Asmus
Orange Hills
Photo Katharina Willis
Dr. Katharina Willis
Servus UG
Photo Katja Bossert
Katja Bossert
bossert associates
Photo Jan Philipp Thomsen
Jan Philipp Thomsen
Photo Jens Monsees
Dr. Jens Monsees
BMW Group
Photo Annette Leonhard-MacDonald
Dr. Annette C. Leonhard-MacDonald
Leonhard-MacDonald Ventures GmbH
Photo Simon Nicklas
Simon Nicklas
leaf republic GmbH
Photo Yorck Graf von Pfeil
Dr. Yorck Graf von Pfeil
Röhrborn LLP
Photo Mark Kugel
Mark Kugel
Photo Tobias Wuttke
Dr. Tobias Wuttke
Meissner Bolte & Partner GbR
Photo Hans-Joachim Gergs
Dr. Hans-Joachim Gergs
Audi AG
Photo Veronika Schweighart
Veronika Schweighart
Nuclino GmbH

ALUMNI Perspective

Photo Chris Eberl