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Alumni Event: 50 guests, 8 pitches, and loads of new ideas

On Friday night, Mr Beam opened up its new premises for an alumni event of the Executive MBA program in Innovation & Business Creation.

Sven Rens, alumnus of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, started the evening by welcoming more than 50 guests in the new premises of Mr Beam Lasers, the startup for laser cutting and engraving he co-founded with Teja Philipp and Florian Becker. The outstanding success story of Mr Beam, which exceeded the goal of a recent Kickstarter campaign more than 10 times over, was an excellent opening for the evening's agenda: eight pitches from current and former MBA students – a great opportunity for the presenters to bring their business ideas to the next level.

Putting it all in a nutshell was the participants' challenge for the night. They were given only three minutes to present their ideas, business models, and value propositions to the audience. The diversity of new business ideas about IT law, logistics, med-tech, retail, and others provided a fruitful basis for subsequent idea exchanges and networking opportunities for the guests.

Oliver Bücken, Head of Entrepreneurship & Tech Education at UnternehmerTUM GmbH and Prof. Jerome Engel from UC Berkeley made up the jury of that night's pitching sessions. With many years of expertise in entrepreneurship and business creation, the two offered first hand expert feedback for the upcoming business founders – an invaluable opportunity. With specific questions and pointed remarks to the pitches, Bücken and Engel not only shifted attention to fundamental aspects of the business creation process but also provided inspiring food for thought for later discussions between the presenters, jury members, and guests.

The grand finale of the event was electing the winning pitch based on best performance and business idea. The audience applause determined the highest appraised pitches and chose a data solution for the law segment as best business idea of the night.


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